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"Premonition" is released worldwide - Symphonic Tribute to HAKEN

The project Symphonic Theater of Dreams and the orchestra Sinfonietta Consonus are happy to present the latest release  A Symphonic Tribute to HAKEN "PREMONITION". This single is a preview of an album which will probably be recorded and issued in 2015. 

The profit from the sale of this single will be donated to the production of the entire album.  
Official Teaser
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After  the success of the album called  A Symphonic Tribute to Dream Theater, Wioletta Jedynak (producer and the ex-manager) together with  Michał Mierzejewski (the originator of SToD, the founder of Sinfonietta Consonus) decided to take another step forward and pay a symphonic tribute to the band HAKEN.
The exclusive world premiere of "PREMONITION" took place on the 28th of August 2014 during the concert of HAKEN. This single was used as the intro tape.

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Michał Mierzejewski (Founder of Symphonic Theater of Dreams, Artistic Director in Sinfonietta Consonus orchestra, coordinator)
about release:  

"Some years ago when I was working on various projects I got to know the music of a band called HAKEN. My musical friend Marc Papeghin shared one of their songs on his Facebook wall. After some time he also created a music video for it.
Meanwhile, I was getting familiar with their work. It’s hard to put everything on a timeline now, but around the time when the Symphonic Theater of Dreams: Symphonic Tribute to Dream Theater record was released, I began to wonder whether SToD should be a tribute only to Dream Theater.
One year after the SToD premiere I decided it shouldn’t.

Every day we come across new albums of different bands. Sometimes we feel that this particular record is something marvellous and perfect for you at this particular moment of your life. It’s like a ‘revelation’ which can change your life on this particular moment completely. This happended to me with HAKEN, with their three albums at the same time. When ‘The Mountain’ was released, I listened to the first track ‘The Path’ for the first time and I was blown away. I created something like a short tribute or a demo track and later I began to fully experience all their back catalogue. Haken is a great musical discovery for me. They are one of my my favourite bands at the moment. An interesting thing is that we decided to record a single in the studio in an extremely short period of time. We had only a month to organize the recording session, complete the entire cast of the orchestra, book the studio, the sound engineers and the film crew.

We are planning to make a full album - A Symphonic Tribute to Haken (the fans have already voted for the tracklist ). However, we decided to release a single first so that it would become like a trailer for things to come. The making of a full album will have to wait longer because we need a budget for this (the profit from the sale of this single will be donated to the production of the entire album). It isn’t easy to do, so please be patient.

It was with great pleasure to orchestrate ‘PREMONITION’. HAKEN is incredibly melodic in it’s genre, that’s why it’s a big challange for me and eveyone involved in writing this piece of symphonic music. I am also very fortunate to have the possibility to write for such a large brass section. I hope I managed to capture the magic of this beautiful song. The recording of this single was a great and short adventure which turned out to be the prelude to the recording session of a full album of
A Symphonic Tribute to HAKEN.

I would like to thank all our crew for getting together in this short period of time, their wonderful dedicated work and huge passion for music. I invite you to listen to ‘PREMONITION’. "
Michał Mierzejewski

Conductor: Szymon Morus
Orchestra: Sinfonietta Consonus
Arrange, Orchestrations: Michał Mierzejewski

I Violin: Sara Kupc, Dominika Heimowska, Joanna Aksnowicz, Aleksandra Denga, Martyna Kopiec, Judyta Sawicka, Dorota Sulich, Julia Ziętek, Magdalena Król, Katarzyna Dereszyńska, Paula Abdulla
II Violin: Magdalena Szczypińska, Aleksandra Szymańska, Joachim Oller, Filip Orlikowski, Tomasz Chyła, Małgorzata Fiodorowicz,
Karolina Gutowska, Katarzyna Libront, Klaudia Kowacz
Violas: Krzysztof Szwarc, Maciej Rogoziński, Michał Piwowarczyk, Ewelina Bronk, Maksymilian Krzak, Eliza Falkowska
Cellos: Weronika Kulpa, Małgorzata Oller, Patrycja Taradejna, Karolina Kilian, Magdalena Niewińska, Katarzyna Kamińska
Contrabasses: Adam Pachla, Krzysztof Słomkowski, Sara Chmiel

Flute: Anna Maria Jachimowicz
Oboe: Małgorzata Jaśkiewicz
Clarinet: Łukasz Szajewski
Bassoon: Edyta Szleszyńska

Trumpets: Paweł Hulisz (I), Michał Tyrański (II), Robert Bracki (III)
F. Horns: Michał Szczerba (I, III), Piotr Kowalski (II)
Marc Papeghin (special guest; IV, V, VI)
Tenor Trombones: Artur Borkowski (I), Mateusz Zielke (II), Krzysztof Gudelun (III)
Bass Trombones: Bogdan Kwiatek (I), Mariusz Stawski (II)
Tuba: Grzegorz Dybała

Grand Piano: Bartosz Kołaczkowski

Percussions: Mateusz Wiczyński
Orchestra recorded at the Radio Gdańsk studio by Jan Galbas.
Mixed and mastered at the Sounds Great Promotion Studio in Gdynia by Jakub Mańkowski (June, July 2014)
Graphic design, art direction by Stephen van Baalen
Marta Koźbiał-Godlewska, Michał Gralak, Tomasz Bartoszek, Jakub Legosz
Management crew:
Wioletta Jedynak - manager and producer during Premonition's recording session and rehearsals
Michał Mierzejewski - Founder of Symphonic Theater of Dreams, Artistic Director in Sinfonietta Consonus orchestra, coordinator
Michał Mierzejewski
Film Credits
Michał Grall - film director
Tomasz Bartoszek - videographer, special FX
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Michał Mierzejewski 
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Twitter http://www.twitter.com/mmierzejewski

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