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Upcoming plans - Official statement (20.05.2014)

Dear Fans, we're sorry because we're not updating information about our work last weeks, but be sure that we're working very intensiviely on many great ideas and projects. Here are some of them. 

Symphonic Theater of Dreams/Sinfonietta Consonus plans: 

[Symphonic tribute to Dream Theater]
- Planning Symphonic Theater of Dreams Tour in 2015
- Release of Symphonic Theater of DEMOS CD in 2014
- Planning schedule and budget for symphonic tribute to Dream Theater CD #2 2014/2015/2016
- Writing sessions for tour and upcoming second album in 2014/2015
Arranging/Composing/Orchestrating/Recording Session 

[Symphonic tribute to HAKEN]
- Work on Symphonic Tribute to HAKEN single and EP 2014/2015
Arranging/Composing/Orchestrating/Recording Session

- We are preparing a very "big thing". We can't share more information right now. At this moment we're waiting for official logo and "intro website". 2014

[Michał Mierzejewski`s CD]
- Michał decided to record his own CD (2014/2015). It will be orchestral project with "progressive rock" instruments with additional electronics. It will be very minimalistic and very cinematic. We'll invite some special guests.We will try to record single during recording session of "Symphonic Tribute to Haken".

[Guesting on other bands albums/concerts]
- We're receiving more and more propositions from many bands, artists, companies. We are very proud and thankful for their trust and opinions about our work. We're very young, but very "progressive in life" group. We're still developing, and we know - it is only a beginning of our great journey. Our orchestra, crew, our composer/arranger in last 4 years were working with such great artists, groups and bands as Jordan Rudess, Mike Portnoy, Transatlantic, Affector, Neal Morse, Flying Colors, Wizdom Music company and many more.

- We can't share names at this moment, but if everything will be good it will be great future. Stay tuned for details.
Dear fans and followers, We are at this step only because of you.Thank you for amazing support.
Symphonic Theater of Dreams project/Sinfonietta Consonus crew

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