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New management of the Sinfonietta Consonus Orchestra and the Symphonic Theater of Dreams project

On October 25th, 2015, Joanna Kożuch started close cooperation with Michał Mierzejewski, thus becoming co-manager of the Symphonic Theater of Dreams project, the Sinfonietta Consonus orchestra as well as career manager of the composer and arranger Michał Mierzejewski.

Joanna Kożuch is a fifth-year student of Management (specialty : project management) at the University of Economics in Wrocław and a fourth-year student of Journalism and Communication (specialization: creative writing ) at the University of Wrocław. She is also a graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Music Managers .

Michał Mierzejewski about his decision:
"For over a year I managed both my own career as well as the career of our orchestra.  At the same time I worked on music, created  scores and coordinated very demanding projects.

I was also looking for a perfect person to help me/help us put some new energy into our actions, advance all the ideas we share and take over most of my duties.

It was hard for me to trust anyone in this matter but Joanna was the only one who convinced me. I know she is the ideal person who can provide us with comfort and allow us to work on what we love most. Thanks to her work our project will develop even more effectively and efficiently. After a few weeks of cooperation and preparation for the next two projects I became aware that the choice was perfect."

Joanna Kożuch on her joining SC and SToD:
"This is a serious situation. I treat it both as an opportunity and a pleasure. This is one of a few jobs in which by creating a new value you get enriched with that new value. I have always loved  to surround myself with people and music. Now, inevitably, it will be something natural and necessary.

Some accuse me of being an idealist. However, I really believe that saying  "everything is possible" is actually realistic ."

Contact form will appear on official websites very soon.

Joanna Kożuch, photo by Bartosz Kołaczkowski

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